For the Sake of Argument

Harnessing the power of passionate disagreement

We believe in healthy arguments.

Healthy arguments make us smarter and bring us closer. They spark learning, growth, and connection through and because of our differences. 

We’re here to help you unlock their power.

We’ve helped 40+ organizations unlock the power of healthy arguments

Harness the power of
healthy arguments

Our book

Stories for the Sake of Argument features 24 short stories about contentious issues relating to Israel and the Jewish world.

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Our resource center is packed with hands-on tools and materials to help you master the art of healthy argument.

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Learn how to engage in healthy arguments in your family, school, campus, workplace, or community.

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What people are saying


A super helpful session, thank you!

The session helped me to envision how facilitated conversations on Israel might play out in select communities that we are now approaching about hosting similar conversations. These would be less about navigating disagreement and more about toeing into hard conversations about Israel.

Senior Staff Member
UJA-Federation of New York

For the Sake of Argument demonstrates to participants the value of leaning into, and even embracing, argument rather than shying away from it.

Using stories as a jumping-off point, participants learn to direct their emotions and opinions in constructive ways that lead to productive conversations and new understandings. I highly recommend this unique, groundbreaking educational program for Jewish educators everywhere.

Rabbi Michael Emerson
Director of Special Projects at Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies
The Book

It’s rare that a text can accom­mo­date both indi­vid­ual study and class­room learn­ing.

Yet in their lat­est edu­ca­tion­al resource, Sto­ries for the Sake of Argu­ment, Rob­bie Gringras and Abi Dauber Sterne do just that. Their book is an invalu­able plat­form for stu­dents and teach­ers alike to explore some of the thornier and more divi­sive ques­tions that Israelis and Amer­i­cans face daily.

Marc Katz
The Jewish Book Council
The Book

I am so grateful to have Stories for the Sake of Argument as an integral part of our Shabbat conversations

Abi Dauber Sterne and Robbie Gringras’s book, Stories for the Sake of Argument, reminds us each week that knowing our perspective requires that we constantly shift the seat we are in so we are seeing situations from more than our own eyes. I am so grateful to have Stories for the Sake of Argument as an integral part of our Shabbat conversations as each week, we turn to a new story and discuss. Not only has this book shifted how we argue but also we are better listeners and have learned to take in all the information before stating opinions or debating.

Jesica Sweedler DeHart
The Wandering Bookseller

Thank you for the wonderful session. To say it hit the mark would be an understatement.

The feedback from the students was exceptionally positive, all stressing just how helpful it was - the role of argument, the specifics of that as pedagogy, and of course, applying it to education about Israel.

Jeremy Leigh
Coordinator of the Richard J. Scheuer Israel Seminar at HUC-JIR
The Book

Changes the paradigm by reframing disagreement as something healthy

Let’s be real: we live In a world where an ideological dispute can tear close friends and family apart. We shout. And thus, we become more polarized. Stories for the Sake of Argument changes this paradigm by helping reframe disagreement as something healthy and necessary for learning, growth, and a better world. I love this book and think people of all ages and walks of life should read it.

Sarah Tuttle-Singer
Author of Jerusalem Drawn and Quartered
The Book

This book calls for interactive wrestling and deep engagement.

This book represents the creative handicraft of two master educators, who use the format of stories and the processing of narratives to help shape more dignified, enduring, respectful and meaningful conversations across differences. Stories for the Sake of Argument has an important place in homes, classrooms, boardrooms and libraries world-over.

Yossi Klein Halevi
Senior fellow, Shalom Hartman Institute
Founding Funder

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