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Introducing Stories for the Sake of Argument

Front cover of book - Stories for the Sake of Argument.

In our increasingly polarized world, how can you engage with people who think very differently from you? And what can you learn from these often charged conversations?

Stories for the Sake of Argument features 24 short stories specially designed to get your family and friends arguing about some of the thorniest issues facing Israel and the Jewish world today.

Each story tackles a different issue, sets up a powerful clash of values, and leaves you with an unresolved dilemma to discuss. The guiding questions accompanying the stories invite you to let go of binary thinking and discover a more nuanced way to connect and communicate.

Through this groundbreaking book, you’ll:

  • Develop the tools to talk with people with whom you disagree

  • Explore and grapple with other viewpoints and voices

  • Deepen your understanding of yourself, others, and Israel

Whatever stage of life you’re at, Stories for the Sake of Argument will invigorate the way you think and talk about Israel.


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what people
are saying

“From family tensions to communal and national schisms, Stories for the Sake of Argument offers a wise blueprint for navigating one of the great challenges of our time: how to conduct passionate but respectful disagreements. At a time when democracies are unraveling and fellow citizens increasingly perceive each other as enemies, this book is a gift.”

Yossi Klein Halevi,
Senior fellow, Shalom Hartman Institute, author, Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor

"This book represents the creative handicraft of two master educators, who use the format of stories and the processing of narratives to help shape more dignified, enduring, respectful and meaningful conversations across differences. This book calls for interactive wrestling and deep engagement. Stories for the Sake of Argument has an important place in homes, classrooms, boardrooms and libraries world-over."

Dr. Erica Brown,
Author and Yeshiva University’s Director of Sacks-Herenstein Center for Values and Leadership

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For the Sake of Argument the project

One of the biggest challenges in education is apathy among learners.

Many educators tend to stay clear of divisive issues so as not to cause unwanted conflict. But whether we like it or not, the topics of greatest interest today are also the most contentious. 

That's where For the Sake of Argument comes in. We lean into the arguments that arise when complexities are addressed rather than shying away from them.  

We’re a new, non-partisan, educational initiative founded and directed by Abi Dauber Sterne and Robbie Gringras, with generous support from the Jim Joseph Foundation.

By harnessing the energy and passion contained in healthy arguments, we seek to create deep educational engagement. 

In our first year, and in our first book, we have chosen to focus on Israel. We’ve delved into the myriad disagreements that exist within Jewish educational and communal settings concerning Israel’s history, policies, and government.

What began as Stories for the Sake of Argument has evolved into a broader project with a significant impact.

So far, we've piloted the stories and trained over 1,800 education professionals on how to lead arguments in educational settings. We’re now continuing to train educators while researching, developing, and fine-tuning our pedagogical approach and resources.

We'll be sharing our latest insights, resources, and findings with you as we go along. Stay in the loop by signing up for our monthly newsletter below.

“Today’s society shies away from disagreement, but Jewish tradition strongly encourages it as a way of reaching understanding, if not consensus,”

Robbie Gringras

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our Workshops

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Argument Circles

Interested in holding an argument circle for your group, organization, school, or community? Our skilled facilitators run vibrant argument circles tailored to your needs, using the stories as inspiration. These circles can be held online or in person.

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Shaking Up Israel Education

An interactive 90-minute workshop where you'll discover our latest educational tools and frameworks. Using fun and quirky short stories from Stories for the Sake of Argument, we'll delve into the complexities of Israel and learn how to tackle thorny subjects like the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, religion and State, and the place of refugees in our homeland.

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4-Part Training Series

A 4-part series to help you master the art of engaging with contentious issues. Designed for educators and community professionals, this series provides the materials, tools, and training you need to harness the power of healthy arguments in your practice of Israel and Jewish education.

Consultation and Curriculum Design

meet the authors

Sometimes we can disagree not to convince the other, and not even to solve a problem. Sometimes engaging in disagreement allows us to learn, to grow, to expand our own horizons and those of others.

Abi Dauber Sterne and Robbie Gringras

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Image of Abi Dauber-Sterne and Robbie Gringras

Robbie Gringras
Abi Dauber Sterne

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News and stories

Experiencing Our New World: A Mission to Israel

A group of about 20 Jewish educational leaders of American, Canadian, and British organizations came to Israel for 48 hours. They came to see, to hear, and to be with us in Israel. Abi reflects on her experiences over those two days.

Can we talk? Or is it too soon?

Is it too early for us to talk openly and broadly about the war? We have been trying to think about how, when, and with whom we might talk about this terrible period. Read our reflections.

The Arguments of Tomorrow

Amid the horror, heartbreak, and devastation of recent weeks, what value is there for those of us advocating and training for healthy arguments? Unfortunately, tragically, drastically, crucial existential arguments are clamoring to be addressed.

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